Course curriculum

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    Hoof Wear Patterns Class and Learning Objectives

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    Foundation for understanding Hoof Wear Patterns

    • Lesson 1: Start Evaluating Movement Before a Horse Takes a Step

    • Lesson 2: To be sound or to be off - that is the great question.

    • Lesson 3: Posture and Travel

    • Lesson 4: Flat or Heel First Landing in Front Feet

    • Lesson 5: Long Toes are (usually) Evil

    • Lesson 6: High -Low Hooves & Movement and Symmetry

    • Lesson 7: Don't Forget the Rider!

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    Gait Mechanics

    • Lesson 8: Understanding the Gaits

    • Lesson 9: Symmetrical vs Asymmetrical, & Example of The Process

    • Lesson 10: Cadence and Introduction of Contributing Factors that Affect Gait

    • Lesson 11: One-Two is a Trot, a Trot

    • Lesson 12: The Canter

    • Lesson 13: The Gallop

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    Let's Explore Together Through Case Studies

    • Lesson 14: Wear Patterns

    • Lesson 15: Practice with Static Positioning

    • Lesson 16: An Unusual Wear Pattern

    • Hoof Wear Patterns Quiz 1

    • Lesson 17: Pecos, Front View

    • Lesson 18: Pecos, Side View

    • Lesson 19: Lola

    • Case Study 1

    • Case Study 2

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    Thank you:

    • In conclusion...

Learning Objectives

The Hoof Wear Patterns Class, Online will:

  • Sharpen your horse-awareness, so that you can catch little things early...without losing your mind:)

  • Expand your appreciation of how seemingly unrelated factors affect gait and wellness... so you can understand a bigger picture.

  • Add layers to your mental blueprint of rhythm within the gaits and how to recognize imbalance... because 'prehab prevents rehab.'

  • Share case studies illustrating how everything in a horse is connected... helping you to connect those dots.


I am NOT a Veterinarian

I just want to make sure you know that I am not a veterinarian, surgeon, orthodontist, psychologist, optometrist, or paleontologist. I do not claim to be anything other than a trimmer and educator, I can not diagnose, prescribe, surgically treat, or take the place of medical professionals:)

Love, Ida